polyurethane furniture products will lose market if the odor

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Ikea: polyurethane furniture products will lose market if the odor problem is not solvedhashtagpolyurethane hashtagadditives hashtagmattress hashtagsponge hashtagshoes hashtagsilicone hashtagfoam hashtagpu hashtagcatalyst

Kacper Krecioch, head of engineering and quality at IKEA, warned delegates at the EuroPUR meeting in mid-June that the unique smell of the new flexible polyurethane product could make it an unacceptable material in the future.

Krecioch said: "There is no doubt that polyurethane foam is the best comfort material in the world. But in terms of smell, we still have a long way to go."

He said that in the next 2 or 30 years, nearly half of the world's population will come from Asia, and 65% of the world middle class will be there. Historically, Western consumers have promoted quality standards and definitions, and performance and service life are the most important components of product quality.

He said that Asia's growing population will pay more attention to the safety and health aspects of its products. He said that most people will associate those smells that are unpleasant and highly toxic. He added: "All of our business depends on our end customers. Social media makes it easy for disgruntled consumers to spread the word to hundreds of other potential buyers. This makes the product always meet the expectations of consumers. important."

He said at the meeting that IKEA is willing to work with you to be more proactive in terms of smell, smell and volatile organic compounds. Our commitment to our customers is that we will work hard with everyone to achieve the same vision. Why? Polyurethane foam is not optimistic in the application prospects of furniture manufacturers. It may be phased out by springs, different types of materials.


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