Precise positioning of enterprises

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Precise positioning of enterprises

With the development of market economy, more and more enterprises feel the enormous pressure brought by the market, and prices, products and brands have been impacted without exception. Many enterprises are confused and confused, how to find their own advantages in the fierce competition? How to make the enterprise survive and develop? How to make the product more acceptable to customers? How can the enterprise win more profits while maintaining its advantages? How to overcome foreign enterprises? Many of the problems perplex entrepreneurs.

Nantong HENGGUANGDA polyurethane materials Co., Ltd., to overcome market competition factors, improve product quality, increase brand building, seek market from the market, find market from customers, and locate the market, so as not to make enterprises enter the mire of price war.

"Green mountains and rivers is jinshanyinshan”, we actively respond to the call of the country, continue to introduce more innovative and environmentally friendly products, improve the core competitiveness of products, and adhere to the win-win concept, give customers the most preferential price, guarantee the product sales performance has always been at the forefront of the industry in the market.


We build diamond quality diversification products, aircraft carrier strength and technical service support, give you a solid product, good service and good price, that's our market positioning: everything for customers. It is the quality of our HENGGUANGDA people.

On the way of business development, we need more friends' support. We will unswervingly adhere to this idea and win more customers' trust. We believe: 2018, we will be better.


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