The achievement of the grand goal.

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The achievement of the grand goal.

     Frozen three feet, not a cold day. To achieve an ambitious goal, the entire team must have perfect coordination, strong execution and reasonable methods.

     Nantong Hengguangda Polyurethane Materials Co., Ltd. exceeded its scheduled sales target in 2017. It is precisely because of the perfect cooperation between the various departments of the company that it has resolutely implemented the overall strategic plan formulated by the company's leaders and mastered the most reasonable goal. method.

      If a goal is too high or too low, it is not conducive to the healthy development of the company and the team. The goal is too high, everyone is impossible to complete the task, it will seriously affect the employee's work enthusiasm; on the contrary, if it is too low, no challenge, it will lead to loose and lazy departments and employees, which is extremely unfavorable to the development of the enterprise. . Therefore, setting a reasonable goal is the key.

      After the completion of a target, the various departments of the company are responsible for digestion. The annual total goal is broken down into quarterly, monthly, or even weekly goals, daily goals; the goals of one department are broken down into team goals and personal goals.

     The sales department, purchasing department, production department, technical department, finance department, and security department of the company not only perform their duties but also cooperate with each other, and reach or exceed the established small targets on time, and then accumulate the monthly, quarterly, and annual goals. Countless small goals have accumulated into a magnificent goal, and countless small successes have accumulated into great success!

      Our Hengguang company is a reasonable use of this strategic thinking and tactical approach, the whole company is united, united, 2018, our goal is even greater!


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