Hengguangda development strategy: internal work 1.

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Hengguangda development strategy: internal work 1.

     In today's era of rapid economic development, our Hengguang adults are marching one after another with unshakable footsteps. How to build a product that is more attractive, a company with more brand strength, how to achieve sustainable development of the company? In this regard, Hengguang's strategic layout is being carried out in an orderly manner.

Strategic level overall planning.


Hengguang's strategy,Both inside and outside need progress


    Inside:From the perspective of overall planning, we have been resolutely abiding by national laws and regulations, strengthening the scale of enterprise construction, strengthening and improving corporate management, creating excellent product quality, and building a serious and lively team with positive energy.

    “Environmental Protection” ---- Since the establishment of Hengguang University, we have adhered to the strategic concept of “environmental protection and innovation”. We have been making breakthroughs in production and R&D, breaking the traditional process and making the VOC content index of our products only 0.0001%. The odour detection index is maintained at level 1.
    "Innovation"-----The survival of a company is the quality of its products. We are constantly pursuing the excellent quality of our products, and we are constantly developing new products to lead new market
demands. We make products fine and fine, create talking products, and create product charm.
      We strictly control the production and product quality of our company with the ISO9001 international quality management system.


The scale of the enterprise is built.


      In 2016, Hengguangda invested 200 million yuan in Nantong and built a garden-type factory of tens of thousands of square meters. The first phase of the project has been completed and put into production, and the second phase of the project is under construction.
     After the completion of the second phase of the project, the number of employees, production capacity, economic benefits and profits and taxes of the company will reach a new height.

  Perfect corporate management



     Hengguangda Company adopts advanced management mode, introduces management talents at various management levels, continuously optimizes management, and formulates a practical and near-perfect management model according to its own reality. Through institutionalized and formal management of the company, and constantly motivate employees to work actively, the entire Hengguang company is a busy and orderly atmosphere. After the completion of the institutionalized management construction, it will gradually integrate with international management, and the company's sales and management will go hand in hand, laying a solid foundation for our strategic development of Hengguangda.

       We believe that we are constantly pursuing success! We can continue to surpass success!


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