Soft Foam Silicone Oil HGD-8595H

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Soft Foam Silicone Oil HGD-8595H

Production standard Q/320683 HGD 01-2018
Related patents 2017204733458
Product characteristics 1.Suitable for polyurethane soft block foam with slow rebound and medium and high density sponge.
2.Effectively balances the stability of the foam and has good breathable.
3.Higher foaming height can improve the yield of sponge.
Important features 1.Applicable density range 8-40 density.
2.Applicable to all kinds of foaming systems such as box, bubble, and flat foam.
3.Fine and smooth cell structure, good feel and breathable.
Product advantage 1.The produced sponge has a small gradient.
2.Wider operating range.  
3.High stability.
Appearance and form Colorless or yellowish transparent liquid
viscosity 1000-2000
 proportion @25℃ 1.03
PH value 5-8
Common Packaging of Products 25KG、210KG
Entry-exit Dangerous Goods and Packaging Inspection Non-dangerous goods
Identification of Freight Transport Non-restricted goods
Sponge VOC detection Adopt
Sponge odor grade Level 1

Product introduction:

Hengguangda silicone oil 8595H is an organosilicon surfactant with middle and high activity for the slow rebound of polyurethane soft mass foam and the sponge with medium and high density. It can balance the stability, air permeability, cell structure and density distribution of sponge foam effectively, ad reduce the density difference between up and down of the sponge.

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