Common Silicone Oil HGD-850H

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Common Silicone Oil HGD-850H

Production standard Q/320683 HGD 01-2018
Related patents 2017204733458
Product characteristics 1.Non-hydrolyzable silicone surfactant.
2.It can be mixed with amine and water. And the three are pre-mixed with a slightly blue transparent liquid, without stratification and emulsification.
Important features 1.Highly active, suitable for density ranges from 8 to 50 densities.
2.It is suitable for various types of box bubbles, pendulum bubbles, flat bubbles, etc.
3.It has a wide operating range of silicone oil and tin catalysts, and its stability is very high.
Product advantage 1.The activation efficiency is good. It can make foam hole uniform, and has exquisite touch. It which is compared with similar products has better foam opening and permeability.
2.Formulated with high tolerance, it is suitable for high-end sponges such as electronic cotton and bra cotton.
3.Suitable for high-addition powder systems to improve the elastic properties and cracking of sponges.
4.Less affected by season
Appearance and form Colorless or yellowish transparent liquid
viscosity 600-1300
 proportion @25℃ 1.03
PH value 5-8
Common Packaging of Products 25KG、210KG
Entry-exit Dangerous Goods and Packaging Inspection Non-dangerous goods
Identification of Freight Transport Non-restricted goods
Sponge VOC detection Adopt
Sponge odor grade Level 1

Product introduction:

Hengguangda silicone oil 850H is a non-hydrolyzed type silicone surfactant. It can be mixed with amine and water in a certain proportion, in which the phenomenon of delamination and emulsification will not be appeared, and the stability is high. The product is suitable for all kinds of foaming system with the density of 8-50. For the product, the activation efficiency of the surfactant is good, by which the hole of sponge form can be even, and the hand feeling is exquisite; by comparing with the same kind of silicone oil, the cell opening property and air permeability are better.

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