Amine catalyst HGD-8230

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 Amine catalyst HGD-8230

Production standard Q/320683 HGD 03-2019
Product characteristics 1. Suitable for the production of low density to high density polyurethane soft sponge.            
2. Suitable for all kinds of foaming equipment.
3. Gel and accelerating balanced serotonin
Important features 1. It is suitable for the auxiliary foaming agent containing dichloromethane and other foam instability. It can provide high quality foam performance in all epoxy propane polyether or ethylene oxide polyether mixed system.           
2. Compared with A-33, it has stronger provocative function.            
3. With the use of dichloromethane foaming, it has the best gel speed.
Product advantage 1. Make the product feel good, air permeability is excellent, and has good mechanical properties.     
2. It can also be applied to formulations without any auxiliary blowing agent.            
3. Give stannous octoate the best tolerance.
Appearance and form Transparent liquid
Common Packaging of Products 18KG、200KG
Entry-exit Dangerous Goods and Packaging Inspection Non-dangerous goods
Identification of Freight Transport Non-restricted goods

Product introduction:

HGD-8230 is a compound amine catalyst with gel and balanced blowing and foaming effect, it is applied to the foam plastic with low density and high density. It is specially designed for the formulation of auxiliary foaming agent with dichloromethane or other unstable factors to the foam.

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