Amine catalyst HGD-89727

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Amine catalyst HGD-89727

Production standard Q/320683 HGD 03-2019
Product characteristics 1. It is suitable for the production of polyurethane soft sponge, especially medium-low density (6-25) sponge.   
2. Suitable for all kinds of foaming equipment.      
3. Compound balance and gel catalyst.
Important features 1. The catalytic activity is very high, especially in the high water formula.  
2. Promote the reaction of isocyanate with polyols, make foam better cross-linking and give soft polyurethane foam good mechanical properties.    
3. To maintain the ultimate height of foam, avoid a large number of bubble fall and do not lose the level of foam openings.            
4. The hardness of the sponge can be increased, and the cracking phenomenon in the foam production process can be obviously reduced. In the MC formula, whether there is calcium carbonate or melamine filler, the effect is good.           
 5. Can help foam cotton solidify, make the machine easier to produce, reduce the adhesion to paper in the process of machine foaming.
Product advantage 1. Low dosage.            
2. Good performance and cost saving. 3. Compared with the similar compound tertiary amine catalysts, they have lower odor.
Appearance and form Transparent liquid
Common Packaging of Products 24KG、200KG
Entry-exit Dangerous Goods and Packaging Inspection Non-dangerous goods
Identification of Freight Transport Non-restricted goods


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